Romanian Orchidlovers Club 1990


by  Andrei Lenard, founder


Founding the club in 1990 was, in a way, the institutionalization of a group of friends activity, always trying to discover more and more new places in the surrounding area of Brasov where orchids may be growing.

Our interest in these flowers appeared as a result to this discovery, which others had made hundreds of years ago: the existence of orchids in our very midst, on meadows, in forests, in swamps.


The story began in the spring of 1985, and in autumn, which the occasion of a visit to Hungary, where we were allowed to travel every two years, I managed to get into contact with the Hungarian Orchid Society, which was activating for several years now. The proposal to become a member of the Society, although risky in a way (it was 1985 and I was living in Romania) was accepted by me.

Thus, with great efforts, I managed to attend the Interorchidea Conference in ’86 (the orchid conference of the socialist states), which was organized in Budapest and then in ’87 in Brno. 


These presences have attracted the sympathy of the European Orchid Committee: Charles Oertle, the Secretary General at that time, decided in 1987 to accept me into the Committee as an individual member….


The invitation to the European Congress in Paris, in 1988, and my efforts to go there, gave the authorities the occasion to interdict me to leave Romania in the future. No one could have imagined back then, and even today, how some innocent plants, which you try to protect, can determine such harsh reactions…. 

In June 1990, our Club, with the headquarters in Rasnov, became a full member of the European Orchid Committee, with the headquarters in Switzerland.


 Many successes followed:


1991 – The European Congress (EOC) in Rome – the presentation of the documentary movie “Orhidc, orchids!” 

1992 – The Annual Conference of the Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen, AHO, Eisenach, Germany – presentation of the essay “Orchids from the county of Brasov” 

1993 – Publication of the article in the AHO magazine in Germany

         -  Participation at the World Orchid Congress (WOC), Glasgow, as a guest of the president, Sir Alisdair Morrison (British Orchid Council)

         -  The Exhibition “The Secret of the Orchids” in collaboration with the Art Museum Brasov

 1994 – The European Orchid Congress (EOC) Hannover – presenting the essay “Orchids in Romania” with slides from Rik Neirynk (Belgium) 

1997 – The European Orchid Congress (EOC) Geneva – introducing the “icons with orchids” on gold leaf, painted by Toma Condrea (Rasnov), presidency of an essay section 

1999 – Orchideenaustellung Bad Salzufilen, participation as a guest of the president Siegrid Grote (Deutsche Orchideen Freunde)

 2000 – The European Orchid Congress (EOC) Copenhagen, participation as a guests of the president Hans Christiansen (Dansk Orkide Club) 

2001 – The International Congress and the Fiere da Fiori di Pordenone show in Italy. Sretko Milanovici : the essay “Orchids from the National Park ‘The Iron Gates’”

2003 – The European Orchid Congress (EOC) London, participation as guests of the president Henry Oakley (British Orchid Council) 

2004 – Internationale Orchideen Austellung Dresden, an expedition with the “Orchitrabbi”, which was presented during the show; awarded a prize and the Medal of Honor of the Deutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft.  

2005 – World Orchid Conference (WOC) Dijon, Coordinating the construction site of the Show; the first Exhibitional Stand of our club with orchids at a World Congress; Filatelic Exhibit “Men and Orchids”

2006 EOC in Padova, Italy, we exhibited paintings with orchids by Sretko Milanovici, and fotos from the National Parc "Portile de Fier".


Through the activity of our Club we are trying to awaken interest in these special flowers, the Orchids. We are also struggling to protect the domestic Orchids, of which many people don’t even know that they exist in Romania. In today's world, when every spot of land is in danger of being destroyed, the protection of these rare plants should be a priority for those who know to see the beautiful.






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